One of the first questions team and company leads tend to have is how long until they have data to work with? The answer is that it depends.

The keys to getting the data train rolling are:

1. Invite Team Members

2. Team Members completing their weekly check-in

Week One:

Within the first week of your team's onboarding to LEON, they will have the opportunity to complete their first weekly check-in, which is great for you because this is the first step towards the insights you crave!

These answers will immediately start populating under Health, Resilience, and Culture. As soon as this happens, you will simultaneously begin to see your Performance Index fill out, Growth Windows populate, and Playbook recommendations come through.

Before the two-week mark, you may only have 1 “track” under each major category (Health, Resilience, or Culture) with feedback.

Week Two:

After two weeks, you should have scores populated for all 6 tracks, and now the Performance Index will display a more complete picture of how your people are feeling. At this point, you are now in the cycle of collecting feedback, using data to drive decisions, and sending playbooks to improve your team performance.

Now - go get some!

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