Good leaders don’t just focus on long-term strategies, philosophies, and frameworks to build a “fire-proof” company but they also rely on tactics like extinguishers to quickly put a fire out the moment they smell smoke.

At LEON, we call these fire-extinguishers Playbooks. They are tried-and-true tactics that can be implemented immediately, the moment something like burnout is beginning to give off the faint smell of smoke.

But how often should you use a LEON Playbook? Should you worry about Playbook fatigue? And does LEON recommend a specific cadence on how often you send Playbooks?

Great questions!

Ultimately, LEON is like looking at your car dashboard. You look at the gauges and assess. You assess your oil light, your tire pressure, and your gas tank and you determine the best course of action. You either keep driving, maybe you take it easy, or you stop at the mechanic and get it taken care of, right? This is a very similar process to how managers work with LEON.

Managers know everything that happened yesterday, the day before yesterday, and so on, and based on their expertise and knowledge of their people, they are in the best position possible to make the correct decision - that might be a Playbook, and it might not.

For example:

  • Maybe, instead of utilizing one of our Burnout Support Playbooks, maybe you reach out and offer assistance (even if they don't take it... the empathy shown moves the needle...)

  • Or say your team's Resilience Field is trending downwards and you could use a Grit playbook to help them realign on goals and get back at it. Or instead, you could also offer to partner on some work, and help them get through it as a team.

    In closing, LEON allows managers to make better decisions on how they lead their teams today, with Playbook recommendations always there when you need them. Feel free to use them as much or as little as needed, based on you and your team.

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