Growth Windows within the LEON Platform is much more than a reporting tool. It's also a framework. A framework that can dictate anything from the conversations you have with team members, to how you create and adjust team goals. In short, LEON provides context and meaning to every interaction you have with your team.

That said, how often should you check Growth Windows? Let's discuss...

The LEON Performance Index is reported on a weekly basis, every Monday morning. Therefore at a minimum, you should be checking Growth Windows once a week to understand overall team well-being and sentiment. Now, what you do with that data is based on that framework concept I mentioned earlier.

As a manager, it is up to you to make a decision if you "act" on the data by starting a LEON-based Playbook, or if you use that data to manipulate management variables.


Sending a Playbook is always a great course of action, but if your team is swamped, and if adding on another meeting or abruptly adjusting schedules to impact recovery doesn't seem like the best use-case, maybe you can use a lighter touch. Maybe using your one-on-one time to discuss goal setting, or stress managment is the play? Or since we know that stress is high, you adjust goals a bit, or even do a small team-building exercise? These small micro-interactions can pay huge dividends to a burned-out and unhappy group of employees.

TL;DR: Check Growth Windows once a week, and use that data and take an internal assessment to understand the best course of action to best support your team.

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