Who can use this feature?

  • By default, only Company Leads/Admins can add Team Leads.

  • Each added Team Lead is an additional $99.00 per month.

To create and add Team Leads to a new Team, you can drag and drop them in one of three ways:

  • To create a new Team Lead, click + team lead. A modal will pop up, where you can enter their email and invite them to be a Team Lead,

  • If they already exist in the Platform but are not attached to a team, you can move them from the Deactivated Users section into a new team as a Team Lead.

  • If they already exist in the system and are attached to a team, you can promote them from an Employee user to a Team Lead.

  • Or you can downgrade them from a Company Lead to a Team Lead (permission levels will change).

Once they have been moved over, you will get a confirmation modal such as below. After you confirm, your new Team Lead will have immediate access to start managing their team!

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