Leon Check-ins help team managers collect meaningful insights and honest feedback to help you proactively turn issues into actions and actions into solutions. With short, weekly (bi-weekly or monthly), automated check-in surveys, we help teams immediately identify areas teams that are in need of support, and those that can be challenged.

The Leon Check-in system is conducted in two ways:

  1. Intake Check-in: Administered during the onboarding process, this assessment provides a baseline for “where one stands” within the Leon Performance Index.

  2. Periodic check-ins: Because Leon is always on, and always working, we recommend you check-in once a week. And since Check-ins drive team Playbooks and new content, there is always something new on tap, and exciting to check out.

What metrics are we tracking

Leon helps you measure well-being and performance through what we call the Leon Performance Index, factors that we’ve identified based on years of research have the highest impact on employee well-being, and are backed by organizational growth theories and endorsed by renowned thought leaders such as McKinsey, University of Pennsylvania, Stanford University and more.

These key indexes are presented below:


The Leon health field is an indicator of an organization's ability to positively adapt to mental and physical stress.


The Leon resiliency field is an indicator of a level of passion within an organization, and its ability to anticipate, prepare and overcome change.


The Leon culture field is an indicator of cultural trust, diversity, and commitment to the mission and values of an organization.

Anonymity is serious business at Leon.

Individual answers for Check-ins are never displayed; only aggregated results are presented in Reports to give managers a sense of what’s going on in their team. Your information is protected by strict rules and protocols, designed to protect your identity at all costs.

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