With LEON, you can shift your focus from passively understanding employee well-being to proactively engaging team members with support Playbooks designed to both proactively detect and mitigate burnout before it ever takes hold.

For each team under your supervision or the organization as a whole, LEON provides timely insights into the state of your people and the strategies that they need most.

To launch a Team Playbook, do the following:

  • Within Fields (see: left side of your dashboard), select either Health, Resilience, or Culture.
  • Under each Field, there will be a series of recommended activities or events to address the specific needs of your team(s).
Leon Playbook tiles
  • Review each recommended Playbook to verify the time requirements, steps, and purpose.
  • Select one of the recommendations, choose which teams will receive it, and send it!

There you have it. Now, go launch some Playbooks and watch your team take off!

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