Playbooks are just another way that LEON is super powering today’s teams with smarter solutions, not just data.

Our new Playbook capabilities combine the power of intelligent sentiment analysis, impactful predictive indexing, and real-time solutions to streamline and quantify the people decisions you make on a daily basis.

When an employee checks-in, that data is analyzed and benchmarked to provide not only a breakdown of team needs but also, triggering a series of Playbook recommendations designed to provide leaders with actionable solutions to be implemented right away.

From adjusting workload and schedules, providing mental health services, to exercises to improve team grit or alignment, you get precise recommendations for each team in your organization.

Currently, we have 3 Playbook designations, all of which can be viewed within the Health, Performance, or Culture fields:

  • Team: Playbooks designed to help support departments, teams, and employees; providing team-based activities and events.
  • Executive: Playbooks designed to help support organizations, leadership, and mangers; providing focused strategies, leadership activities, and events.
  • Branded: Playbooks sourced from experts within the field of high-performance and well-being.
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