When you open LEON as an admin, you are greeted by your team's personalized Home Field. At your fingertips is a wealth of insights and actions to take your team to the next level. Here's a breakdown to make things easy for you.

Department/Team Filtering

Depending on the structure of your organization, you can filter between departments and teams at the top left. The drop-down menu on the top left of your screen allows you to select which departments and teams that you'd like to see data for.

(Note: Not all LEON users will have multiple departments or teams)

Company Mission

Right up top, your LEON Admin has entered your company's mission statement as the backdrop to the work that you do. If you haven't filled it in yet, you can click on the control panel to do so.


Rolling down from the company mission statement, team leads (or manager/department head) will add objectives unique to that team or department. These should be specific to these teams and tie back to delivering on the organization's mission statement.

LEON Message

You can always count on our Co-Founder Bryan to greet you "Hey it's Bryan!" here before letting you know how your people are doing. We will give you your overall LEON score with a bit of humor, and start to highlight areas that may require attention here.

Daily Motivation

This area will provide quotes, articles, podcasts, and other educational resources contextualized by your team's current LEON Score. We recommend checking back here daily to take a proactive approach to health and wellness education.

Performance Index

Here we give you your teams' LEON Score; broken down into individual Health, Resilience, and Culture scores. (Note: Some versions of our product do not include the Culture track.)

Growth Windows

This is where we highlight the three areas in most need of support, and the three ready to be challenged. Support highlights which teams are scoring lowest and in which ways, Challenge is for those scoring highest. This support article on Growth Windows can be referenced if you'd like to dive in deeper.

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