Here are a few key things to help you understand how LEON works:

  • We offer three core products – Performance Index, Growth Windows, and Playbooks.
  • We also offer two other additional support products – Marketplace and Goal Development.
  • We built LEON for Department Heads, Team Leads, AND Organizations. So no matter how small or large your company, LEON can help you support high performance.
  • Almost all of our products are included in our Free Forever plan with some limitations.

What is each product for?

LEON’s products all contain different features which enable you to engage and support your employees in different ways.

Performance Index:

A powerful, highly intuitive sentiment analysis framework that enables leaders and managers to make better decisions regarding the Health, Resilience, and Culture of their organization and individual teams.

Growth Windows:

Understand the exact teams which are in need of proactive support and the teams that can be challenged or pushed harder, almost on a daily basis. Growth Windows helps you understand how “ready” your company is to perform, today and in the future.


Actionable and completely automated strategies streamlined directly to your organization, managers, and employees.


A powerful and smart ecosystem of apps and integrations to improve team Health, Resilience, and Organizational Culture.

Goal Development:

From OKR's to a powerful company Mission creation tool, LEON aligns well-being and company growth in one platform.

What features do I get with each plan?

For an outline of the key features included with each plan, including the features that come with the LEON Platform, see our plans and pricing here.

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