When you open LEON, you are greeted by your very own personalized Home Field. At your fingertips is a wealth of insights and actions to take you to the next level. Here's a breakdown to make things easy for you.

Company Mission

Right up top, your LEON Admin has entered your company's mission statement as the backdrop to the work that you do.


Rolling down from the company mission statement, your team lead (or manager/department head) has added objectives unique to your team or department. By succeeding in these objectives, you are doing your part to fulfill the company mission.

LEON Message & Daily Feedback

You can always count on our Co-Founder Bryan to greet you "Hey it's Bryan!" here before asking for answers to your two daily feedback questions. These answers are strictly anonymous and will never be seen by anyone in your company.

Daily Motivation

This are will provide quotes, articles, podcasts and other educational resources contextualized by your team's current LEON Score. We recommend checking back here daily to take a proactive approach to health and wellness education.


This is how you purchase things in our marketplace (coming soon). Whether it's a self-funded plan, matched plan or full subsidy, this card will show the current budget and/or spend for the month.

Team Activities

Here live the activities that your team has been sent. You have the choice to opt-in or opt-out, and this feedback helps our algorithm better understand you and your preferences. Over time, the recommended activities that we send to admins improve thanks to this mechanism.

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