When you open LEON, you are greeted by your very own personalized Home Field. Your Home Field is broken down into two tabs - Performance Insights and Playbook Dashboard. At your fingertips is a wealth of insights and actions to take you to the next level. Here's a breakdown to make things easy for you.

LEON Message & Check-in Questions

You can always count on someone from our team greeting you with a "Hey, it's...!" here before asking for answers to your feedback questions. These answers are strictly anonymous and will never be seen by anyone in your company.

Performance Index

Also known as your LEON Score, the Performance Index is broken down into three (3) fields: Health, Resilience and Culture. The score reflected here is your team score and is comprised of all the data contributed from each of your team members.


The Active Playbook module gives you an overview of and an easily accessible link to your Playbook Dashboard. Once you have opted in, your Playbook will be reflected in the Active Playbook count.

Playbooks that require your review to opt in or opt out are located towards the bottom of the Personal Dashboard and will remain there until that Playbook starts. Playbooks that you have not chosen to opt in or opt out of will disappear from your dashboard when the Playbook starts.

Smart Content

Here is where we will provide quotes, articles, podcasts and other educational resources contextualized by your team's current LEON Score. We recommend checking back here often to take a proactive approach to health and wellness education.

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