Welcome to Leon! Whether you’re the first person at your organization to sign up or a new employee on a team already using, this article will teach you the fastest way to get the most value out of Leon and how to use the key features. It won’t explain everything but we will cover the fundamentals to help you start using Leon the best way, right away.

What or who is Leon?

Leon is a platform; designed to help support Team & Department Leads drive healthy & high performing teams and cultures. Sure, we do surveys (really cool and unique surveys!). But we also empower managers to better support their people using weekly check-ins, performance recommendations, interactive Playbooks, self-service education, OKR's and a smart marketplace.

How it all works

Leon is based around teams, so as you invite new users (or get invited) you will be set up within a team structure. This team structure is usually created using a specific business function, for example, an inbound sales team or a product team. any check-in data or team Playbooks will all “live” within your team.

Accept your invite and create an account

Your team manager or admin account holder will be the one inviting you to Leon. Once they do, you’ll be receiving a team invite email. This email is your gateway to joining your team on Leon. Can’t find that email? No worries, contact us here and we will get you connected right away.

Understanding Leon Check-ins

Leon Check-ins help team managers collect meaningful insights and honest feedback to help you proactively turn issues into actions and actions into solutions. With short, weekly (bi-weekly or monthly), automated check-in surveys, we help teams immediately identify areas teams that are in need of support, and those that can be challenged.

The Leon Check-in system is conducted in two ways:

  1. Intake Check-in: Administered during the onboarding process, this assessment provides a baseline for “where one stands” within the Leon Performance Index.
  2. Periodic check-ins: Because Leon is always on, and always working, we recommend you check-in once a week. And since Check-ins drive team Playbooks and new content, there is always something new on tap, and exciting to check out.

What metrics are we tracking

Leon helps you measure well-being and performance through what we call the Leon Performance Index, factors that we’ve identified based on years of research have the highest impact on employee well-being, and are backed by organizational growth theories and endorsed by renowned thought leaders such as McKinsey, University of Pennsylvania, Stanford University and more.

These key indexes are presented below:


The Leon health field is an indicator of an organization's ability to positively adapt to mental and physical stress.


The Leon resiliency field is an indicator of a level of passion within an organization, and its ability to anticipate, prepare and overcome change.


The Leon culture field is an indicator of cultural trust, diversity, and commitment to the mission and values of an organization.

Anonymity is serious business at Leon.

Individual answers for Check-ins are never displayed; only aggregated results are presented in Reports to give managers a sense of what’s going on in their team. Your information is protected by strict rules and protocols, designed to protect your identity at all costs.

Joining a Playbook

Playbooks are activities that are recommended to your team leaders to help provide solutions to company issues. From fixing employee burnout to improving peer relationships, Playbooks are intelligently driven by the Leon Performance Index.

Your manager will have the option to start a Playbook, which will in turn be sent to you. Engaging and joining in these Playbooks is not mandatory, and is completely at your discretion. A manager will not know if you approved or declined, and is completely anonymous.

To join or decline a Playbook, just click the “I’m in” or “I’m out” button. It's as simple as that.

📣 LEON tip: Playbooks help improve your work-life balance. From implementing 4 day work weeks, team-building events, all the way to driving mastery and autonomy, Playbooks were built for your benefit.

What is the Leon App Store (coming soon!)

With Leon, we give you full optionality to choose how you spend you engage in employee wellness, in one simple to use and seamlessly integrated App Store. With great partners like Aaptiv, Equinox, Hyperice, Healing Clouds, Gyroscope, and Mount Siani Health System, you can sign up, and cancel any service, with one click of a button.

Plus, we made sure to get you the best deals possible and exclusive access at some of the top brands today.

Understanding your Leon wellness benefit

Leon created multiple ways for your employer to subsidize and reward you for engaging in your well-being. Currently, we have three specific types of wellness benefits that your employer can choose from.

  • Personal Plan: With the Personal Plan, employees would cover 100% of their wellness benefits.
  • Subsidy Plan: Our subsidy benefit, allows your employer to set up a monthly benefit to a certain designated amount. After that amount has been utilized, the employee would cover any additional fees.
  • Matched Plan: With our Matched benefit every single dollar spent, will be matched up to a certain amount chosen by you the employer.

What about Perks (coming soon!)

Perks within the Leon App Store, have become very popular over the past few years because they tend to be fully subsidized by the employer and add tremendous value to an existing benefit.

Mental health services, bike shares, gym memberships, and other perks provide a nice secondary option that can be added to any wellness benefit by your employer.

In one, easy to use company marketplace, your employer can fully subsidize and manage any Perk within the Leon ecosystem. We handle the entire payment, roll-out, and onboarding for any perk you decide to join.

Learn more about LEON with other resources

Congrats! You’ve taken your first step in learning how to use Leon. There are lots of other resources to help you and your team along the way, for all different kinds of learning styles.

  • Read the Guide — You’re already reading it now! The Guide Journey walks you through onboarding, best practices, and gives lots of examples.
  • Read our blogOur blog is full of in-depth articles that walk you through the best ways to use LEON.
  • Get your questions answered — Our help area is full of awesome documents to help you on your way. You can also reach out to our support team with any issues.
  • Print our handy 1-pager that gives you a quick breakdown of features to keep at your desk or share with your team before/after the kickoff meeting.

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