Whether temporarily working from home or just being able to connect with coworkers from different office locations, LEON can help you host a virtual event to stay connected.  Currently, we offer three types of virtual events.

  • Events for Demand Generation/Sales Teams: Great for maintaining and growing relationships with target clients when meeting for drinks is no longer an option.
  • Events for Customer Success Teams: A good way to show your appreciation to a customer or vendor for their continued support.
  • Events for People Teams: Boost engagement, morale and ultimately productivity amongst employees. ¬†

Booking a virtual event with LEON is super easy!

  1. Fill out our online form indicating the type of event and choose from our list of participating providers that offer a variety of modalities.
  2. Our team will review and reach out directly to work through any additional details before finalizing the event.
  3. Once the event is finalized and confirmed between both you and the provider, you'll receive an invoice for payment.
  4. After the payment is received, the team at LEON will create and send out the customized announcement which will include all of the details such as who the event is for, the type of class that will be taken and how to sign up.

Hosting a virtual event with LEON is a simple way to show your appreciation to clients and employees alike!

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