On-demand memberships are a way for LEON to streamline employer payments towards on-demand and online based fitness services. This could range from live streamed classes, on-demand or pre-recorded classes, or one on one consultations; essentially anything that is not done on a live person to person basis.

What it is not is a streaming platform provided by LEON. It is the sole responsibility of the provider partner and the brand conducting said services to communicate, enroll and provide service value to LEON users.

LEON simply facilitates payment and acts as a third party marketing service to our employer clients.

Provider responsibilities:

  • The acceptance of every LEON member into your on-demand program.
  • Conduct proper enrollment and communication to LEON members about on-demand services.
  • Communicate any changes of services as they happen to LEON members.
  • Provide said on-demand services.
  • Provide a vetted and functional on-demand technology. This could range from a dedicated platform service to a service such as Zoom, Youtube, Facebook etc.
  • Cancel every LEON member once an official cancellation notice has been sent.
  • You must approve each membership within 24 hours. If the membership is not approved, the membership will be cancelled and your studio or gym will be removed from the platform.

Please note: that if the 24 hour approval policy is not respected, our customer support team will suspend your facility.

LEON responsibilities

  • LEON will market, develop content and enroll/cancel LEON members into on-demand services.
  • LEON will collect all employer and employee payments as needed.
  • LEON will pay each provider for services rendered in accordance to the facility partnership agreement.
  • LEON will submit payment on the 15th of each month minus agreed upon fees to provider using bill.com.

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