You must approve each membership within 24 hours. If the membership is not approved, the membership will be cancelled and your studio or gym will be removed from the platform. 

Please note: that if the 24 hour approval policy is not respected, our customer support team will suspend your facility.

Sign up process - 

  • User selects their on-demand membership option within the LEON user app.
  • Once the user selects the membership option, a confirmation email will be generated to your membership team.
  • When the email has been received, your membership team will be required to accept the on-demand membership by clicking the“confirm” member button included in the confirmation email.
  • Input a member ID. Note this can be anything you like.
  • You will enter that user into your on-demand membership software as normal
  • Your facility will be required to follow up that the user to start their new on-demand fitness membership.

Payment process -

  • Your facility will be paid on the 15th of every month for each membership sold.
  • Both the 1st month and last month will be paid on a prorated amount based off the day in the month they enrolled and cancelled.

Cancellation process - 

  • User can cancel via the LEON user app at any time.
  • The LEON member will have the remainder of the month to take on-demand classes.
  • This cancellation notice will be emailed to you, and will include: user information, cancellation date, and membership expiration date.
  • Your facility is required to cancel that membership upon receiving notification.
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