Sign up process - 

  • User selects their membership option within the LEON user app.
  • Once the user selects the membership option, a confirmation email will be generated to your membership team.
  • When the email has been received, your membership team will be required to accept the membership by clicking the“confirm” member button included in the confirmation email.
  • You will enter that user into your gym management software as normal
  • The LEON member will be prompted to contact the facility to set up a tour and take part in your normal onboarding process.

Payment process -

  • Your facility will be paid on the 15th of every month for each membership sold.
  • Both the 1st month and last month will be paid on a prorated amount based off the day in the month they enrolled and cancelled.

Cancellation process - 

  • User can cancel via the LEON user app at any time.
  • The LEON member will have the remainder of the month to work out.
  • This cancellation notice will be emailed to you, and will include: user information, cancellation date, and membership expiration date.
  • Your facility is required to cancel that membership upon receiving notification.

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