Who can use this feature?

  • By default, only Company Leads/Admins can purchase marketplace services

  • All LEON Workspaces include Employer and Employee Marketplace access.

  • You will be invoiced for services on a monthly basis in advance.

At LEON, we believe that software should be adaptable to your needs and not the other way around. That’s why, today, we are excited to announce the LEON Marketplace: A powerful and smart ecosystem of apps and services to improve team Health, Resilience, and Organizational Culture.

How it works:

We recommend, source, negotiate and introduce all of your well-being services for you — getting you the best price quickly, without you having to negotiate a single deal, at the same time driving employee usage across the board.

1️⃣ Step one:

Find the best service for your team. Using your Wellness Intelligence data, search the marketplace and determine the best service or services for your team. This data can help provide you with a roadmap for the best possible way to support your team today.

2️⃣ Step two:

Fill out the service request form. This form will help us understand which team this service is needed for, when exactly you would like to introduce this service, as well as key decision-makers and budget allotment.

3️⃣ Step three:

Watch the savings add up. With your must-haves understood, we use our experience with thousands of vendor relationships to find the fastest way to a fair price. Wins typically look like:

  • Reduction in unit rates

  • Increased users or plan tier

  • Improved payment terms

4️⃣ Step four:

Have confidence in introducing your new benefit without lifting a finger. Our marketplace buyers quarterback the launch process with your internal team so you can focus on the important stuff.
What this means:

  • Introducing the new service to your team.

  • Driving new and current user engagement

  • Billing and cancellations.

Billing and payments

At the end of each month, our internal team will invoice you for any managed services, along with any accrued fees, which may include: transaction fees, and vendor fees. Payment will be paid upfront for any Marketplace services.

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