LEON created multiple ways for you as an employer to subsidize and reward your employees for engaging in wellness. Currently, we have three specific types of wellness benefits that your employer can choose from.

  • Free plan: Our free plan allows you as an employer rollout LEON within your company for no cost. From fitness classes, bike shares, gym memberships, to our Slack integration, you and your employees will have full access to the LEON platform.
  • Grant: The Grant plan allows you to set up a monthly benefit for your employees to engage in wellness as they see fit. 
  • Match: With our Dollar for Dollar plan every single dollar spent, will be matched up unto a certain amount designated by you the employer.

How do fees work?

One of the very best things about LEON is that we only charge when your employees engage in wellness. You have the peace of mind knowing that you will never pay a fee for LEON if we do not drive health change in your organization.

The details:

Once your benefit is set up, at the end of each month we will bill you for any utilization within the platform, plus a 5% fee. There are no management fees, no per employee fee. We simply only charge you for what you employee does within LEON.

Simple and no risk!

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