Welcome to LEON! Whether you’re the first person at your organization to sign up or a new hire, this article will teach you the fastest way to get the most value out of LEON. We’ll cover the fundamentals to help you get started, right away.

How it all works

To begin with, only emails with your company domain can have access. So, as you invite teammates (or get invited) you will join using that domain. Here’s how you connect to your LEON wellness benefit:

If you received an email invitation, accept the invitation. It’s the first step towards creating an account. If you have a company approved email domain, you can follow the steps below to easily connect:

  • Go to the Settings area within your app. ⚙️
  • Click on the “Employer Connect” section.
  • Enter in a valid Employer email address.
  • Yay, you’re all set up!

P.S. we also have a web app! Click here to access the LEON web app.

Accessing your LEON Wallet

The LEON wallet is where your wellness benefit lives. Here you can view the remainder of your benefit for the month. Also, update or change your personal payment information, and see your previous transaction history.

Understanding your LEON wellness benefit

LEON created multiple ways for your employer to subsidize and reward you. Currently, we have three specific types of wellness benefits that your employer can choose from.

  • Free plan: Our free plan allows you as an employee to book and transact in any wellness activity on LEON. From fitness classes, bike shares, gym memberships to events, anything is available. And with steep discounts, no contracts, and exclusive access.
  • Grant: The Grant plan gives you a monthly wellness benefit to spend at your discretion. Zero limitations and zero restrictions.
  • Dollar for Dollar: With our Dollar for Dollar plan every single dollar spent, will be matched up unto a certain amount designated by your employer.

📣 LEON tip: Verified employees have access to a certain amount of subsidized wellness dollars each month. At the beginning of each month, the subsidy will reset. Please note that the wellness benefit does NOT roll over to the next month.

Book your first wellness activity

Activities are how we label all of the services available within LEON. These services can be found within the DISCOVER screen of your app. You can access several amazing brands such as; Soulcycle, Equinox, Spartan Adventure Races, and CitiBike. 

  • Fitness classes: HIIT, Yoga, Bootcamp, Pilates
  • Memberships: Gyms, Studios, Training Facilities
  • Events: Marathons, 5k’s, Adventure Races, Fun Runs, Sporting Events
  • Shares: Bike and scooter shares

📣 LEON tip: We handled all the pricing negotiations for you. So enjoy exclusive access and pricing on us! 

Understand your activities and favorites

Now that you’ve booked your activity, we’ll walk you through how to view, adjust and make changes. The YOU screen is what we call the homepage. From your homepage, you can see your favorite activities, cancel any classes and gym memberships, view upcoming events and stay up to date on special activities!

Turn your wellness activities into team building

The LEON Social Feed represents all of the activities booked within your organization. You’ll see classes booked, events joined and anything else from your team. And even better, you can join your coworkers by booking an activity directly.

📣 LEON tip: You can turn off activity updates at any point in the ACTIVITY PRIVACY area in the SETTINGS section.

Learn more about LEON with other resources

Congrats! You’ve taken your first step in learning how to use LEON. There are lots of other resources to help you and your team along the way.

  • Read the Guide — You’re already reading it now! The Guide walks you through onboarding, best practices, and gives lots of examples. The Help section provides specific feature documentation.
  • Join a LEON webinar— Our Webinars are in-depth online courses that walk you through the best ways to use LEON.
  • Try out some different ways to use LEON — LEON is meant for all kinds of organizations. Feel free to invite your friends outside of the workplace to join you on LEON. And better yet, all the data within LEON is owned by YOU! So feel free to make LEON apart of your lifelong wellness journey.
  • Download our iOS or Android app — Just like our web app, you can use our mobile app to book activities, access your wallet, and get updates on your coworker's activities.
  • Connect other tools with LEON — Integrating tools you already use with LEON helps you work smarter so there’s less switching. Check out our Slack Integration.
  • Get your questions answered — Our help page is full of awesome documents to help you on your way. You can reach out to our support team with any questions.
  • Print our handy one page that gives you a quick breakdown of features to keep at your desk or share with your team before/after the kickoff meeting.
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