If you’re looking to invite new teammates to LEON, or assign universal domain access, here’s how:

Go to your LEON dashboard > Users

Note: 👉 There are three different ways to add your teammates to LEON. 

1. Universal access: Domain access allows anyone with a valid domain access to your company LEON account. These teammates will have access to your wellness benefit and administrators will be able to view engagement, spend and usage metrics.

📣 Universal access also gives you the ability to set multiple valid domains. So for example; @myleon.co, @myleon.eu, @myleonsales.co, etc.

2. Invite via CSV: If you have a large list of employees that you need to invite, you can use a CSV file upload to send a large list of invites at once. 

First, prepare your file outside of LEON. You can download a template from the CSV upload screen so that you understand the format we are looking for. Please note, the CSV file being uploaded needs to match the template exactly, including the order of the columns and the header row. Some columns are optional, however. Once your file is complete, upload the file.

3. Invite via email: You can manually add email addresses into LEON to send invitations to specific employees. Once you add an email address, or multiple, and hit Invite Employees, LEON email invitations will be sent to those individuals.

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