Launching LEON

Let's start! Here are the main areas you'll want to focus on when introducing LEON to your company: 

1. Sign up and get started.

We made LEON as simple as possible to launch within your organization. Check out the documents below to understand how to get started.

Next step 👉🏽  Do you use Slack at your company? If so, set up your Custom Slack LEON channel and allow your team to book classes, sign up for races, and join coworkers in wellness with one click of a button.

2. Take a tour of your dashboard and view our support documents.

At this stage, understanding how to manage your dashboard and the value it brings is key.

Next step 👉🏽View your dashboard here

Our fully subsidized options are a perfect addition or starting point to offering an inclusive and well thought out wellness program. Get started here.

📣New update: Dollar for Dollar matching is now available. Read more here.

Educate and drive change

Educating your company about LEON is an important phase of launching LEON. Here are some ideas to help with company adoption and buy-in:

📣  Make it clear that LEON is your wellness program

Note: Don’t underestimate how the power of company buy-in influences your rollout of LEON. Introduce LEON by email.

Our customers see the best results when everyone uses LEON to drive wellness. This rules out any confusion on wellness being an important initiative for your company.

To start, we recommend the CEO or HR/Benefits team to engage in LEON right away — signaling to all that LEON is where wellness happens

🔭  Use the Help Center and Support team

Our Help Center is chock full of useful information that can make it easier for members to use LEON and get help when they need it. Don’t hesitate to send people our way by linking to relevant help articles that contain the most up-to-date information.

We’ve always got your back and our Support team is ready to help 24/7. Invite your colleagues to feel comfortable sharing feedback or asking for our help. Contact us — we’ll look into it!

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