LEON works best when your whole team is on board, and everyone is engaged. We’ve put together a customizable email template that you can send to your team to help get them up and running.


  1. Copy the template below and paste it into a new email message. 
  2. Customize the [placeholder text].
  3. Add additional context to help your team understand how and why you're adopting LEON as your wellness provider.
  4. Remove content that isn't relevant for your team. 
  5. Send the email to your team and ask them to reply with any questions or comments.

 Email template

Hi team,

We’re excited to announce that we'll be offering LEON as a wellness benefit for our entire team. LEON is an employee-focused wellness app that uses surveys to help early detect things such as Burnout, Wellness, and Mental Issues before they happen!

Once their system sees a specific issue, they then use AI to automate employee "Playbooks" which give you direct access to top brands including; Aaptiv, Soulcycle, Headspace, and many, many others!

We see this is a massive benefit in maintaining the health of our organization, as well as helping you become a happier, healthier performer.

Note, that LEON currently is in beta as they finish building out their Platform, but our team will be working directly with their founder (Bryan Smith, a leading Olympic Performance Coach) to design custom recommendations, events, and content for our team.

Before we get started, please get yourself set up:

Step 1: Download the LEON iOS app or the LEON Android app to create an account using your personal email.

Step 2: Connect to your company account [and receive your brand new $50.00 wellness benefit!]

Step 3: Answer your Playbook recommendation survey questions.

Step 4: Look out for any upcoming wellness events in-app. (Note this will be emailed to you as well.)

If you have questions about our LEON, please send an email to [your email address here]. If you have general questions about LEON, their Help Center is a great resource.

[Fill in with any other next steps if applicable.]

[Your name]

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