LEON is a wellness platform where you and your team can work together to get healthy. From fitness class bookings to running the NYC Marathon, and to everything in between - LEON has you covered.

Key features

💸 Easy wellness subsidy and tracking

  • Through direct integrations, your team members can instantly book in real time, but more importantly you can monitor spend and deeply understand wellness ROI.

💬 Team building

  • In LEON, team engagement happens in your Slack integration or the iOS app. You can view any of your team actions in either our social feed or directly in your Slack #fitness channel and join them in the action!

🔎 Wellness as you see fit

  • Book classes at the hottest fitness studios in town. Buy memberships at exclusive fitness facilities in your city. Access a bike share. Signup for a local race or event. No contracts, no pushy sales people, and no reimbursements or receipts.

👥 All your data in one place

  • As an HR manager you get real time analytics on how, when and where your team members engage, and what activities drive the most usage.

🤖 Apps and integrations

  • Apps and integrations are the tools that will help you to bring your existing wellness data into LEON. (coming soon)

🔐 Security

  • At LEON, security is important to us: we protect your data as if it were our own. 

Education and support

Want to learn more? Here are some handy resources for you to continue your learning:

  • Our Help Center contains lots of detailed articles to help you learn about LEON and its features. 

💡 Request a LEON demo to learn more.

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