Facility Onboarding for LEON 

Initial set up

  • Enroll in LEON here
  • Sign our terms of service
  • Transition to your LEON Connect dashboard

LEON Connect set up

These are the steps you'll need to take when you're setting up your account

  • Company name - Brand and not studio location.
  • First name and last name
  • Email - Email will be used for all communication for booking and payment updates.
  • Phone number - We will most likely not call you, but a personal or facility number would work.
  • Password - 8 to 50 characters long.

MINDBODY API integration

The next few steps will allow LEON access to your MINDBODY account. 

  • Click the ACTIVATE ACCOUNT button to allow LEON access to your MINDBODY API.
  • You must login with your "Site owner" account to finalize access. 
  • There is no activation code, you'll just need to give it a minute in order for it to say "ACTIVATION SUCCESSFUL".

📣Tip: Use the Mindbody Integration document below to help walk you through the process!

Creating a LEON pricing option within MINDBODY

Please sign in to your MINDBODY owner account and then create a LEON price value.

  1. Go to the services and pricing tab, under any service categories that you are offering LEON click “add pricing”.  
  2. Make sure the pricing option name is “LEON” and that the price is set at: $0.00 for your Single Session.
  3. This is for single session classes only.
  4. Make sure the “sell online” button is unchecked & that it isn't listed as an introductory offer.
  5. Click additional options, then check “yes” next to “Need to set up advanced settings (e.g., members discounts, restrictions)”, then click “Save" with Additional Options button 
  6. Scroll down to Advanced Settings and check “Third Party Discounter Pricing” - this fixing accounting issues when/if users cancel LEON reservations. 

Note: This pricing option will only be visible exclusively to LEON and your staff, it will not be available to your other clients.

Location access

This screen will allow you to choose the locations showing within the LEON platform. 

Simply toggle the "show on LEON" button to turn each location on or off. Note: this can be done at any point, so no need to decide right now!

Setting up single class pricing

Setting up pricing in LEON is simple in a sense that we allow you offer both single class, session package and monthly memberships on the platform. 

To set your class pricing, simply enter in the amount you would like to charge. We break this down into class duration instead of type of class. So for example, if you have both 30 and 60 minute classes, you would set a separate price for each class duration.

Setting up package and membership pricing

Where LEON differs is its ability to offer your complete service offering to our employee clients. No credits, and no required discounts.

To set up your packages and memberships, LEON has created a structure for you to offer 5 and 10 session packages along with monthly memberships. Please note; that all packages do not have an expiration date and monthly memberships are month to month only.

Setting up introductory discounts

Using LEON Connect, you have the ability to offer percentage discounts for first time users. Simple enter in the required percentage in the "Introductory Discount" module and LEON will offer this discount to first time users only.

Getting paid by LEON

For the time being, LEON will be paying out our providers via check on a monthly basis for all services booked/purchased during the previous month.

Simply enter in your business address or the physical address you would want your payment mailed to you.

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