Unlike most gym aggregators, we don't pre package your membership or class package. We won't even discount it unless you would prefer us to.

We simply take a 5% fee and off load any billing fees to you (which you already pay for). The billing lives with LEON every month and we simply pay you on month to month basis for each class, package or membership purchased. One simple payer, guaranteed every month.

Additional Questions and Answers:

"Am I locked into a contract?"
No, LEON does not make any of our provider partners sign a contract or agree to any sort of timeline. Ultimately, we have to show value to both sides of our business - companies and gyms.

"How does my gym get paid?"
LEON pays out our provider partners on a net 30 agreement. 

"Will I have a dashboard to view all my transactions"?
Yes! All of us at LEON took a ton of time to build out a fully functional provider dashboard. The dashboard will allow you to completely manage your business from front end design changes, to pricing and class offerings. 

"How do I know if people are coming to my facility?"
Because we are directly integrated into your gym management software, you see each and every booking and purchase in real time.

"How are we different than other third party vendors?"
It's important to understand that LEON is not just a reimbursement aggregator, we are an engagement tool at heart. Facilitating membership payment is obviously a necessity, but increasing usage is key. Ultimately we aim to get our corporate clients in your facility more often and utilizing your services at high rates.
More usage = better ROI for our corporate clients

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