LEON is a wellness platform where you and your employer can work together to get healthy. From fitness class bookings to running the NYC Marathon, and to everything in between - LEON has you covered.

Key features

💸 Easy wellness subsidy

  • With LEON, employers are able to seamlessly subsidize wellness spend for their employees and team members can instantly book and purchase gym memberships, studio classes, wellness events or bike shares in their city.

💬 Team building

  • In LEON, team engagement happens in your Slack integration or the iOS app. You can view any of your co workers wellness bookings in either our social feed or directly in your Slack #fitness channel and join them in the action!

🔎 Wellness as you see fit

  • Book classes at the hottest fitness studios in town. Buy memberships at exclusive fitness facilities in your city. Access a bike share. Signup for a local race or event. No contracts, no pushy sales people, and no reimbursements or receipts.

👥 All your data in one place

  • Take LEON where ever you go. We built LEON to allow you to take it with you inside or outside a company. Take advantage of every discount and every concierge level access, without a company sponsored wellness program.

🤖 Apps and integrations

  • Apps and integrations are the tools that will help you to bring your existing wellness data into LEON. (coming soon)

🔐 Security

  • At LEON, security is important to us: we protect your data as if it were our own. 

Education and support

Want to learn more? Here are some handy resources for you to continue your learning:

  • Our Help Center contains lots of detailed articles to help you learn about LEON and its features. 

💡 Request a LEON demo to learn more.

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