LEON is a platform; designed to help support Company and Team Leaders to drive healthy & high performing teams and cultures. Sure, we do surveys (really cool and unique surveys!). But we also empower managers to better support their people using weekly check-ins, performance recommendations, interactive Playbooks, self-service education, OKR's and a smart marketplace.

What can I do with LEON?

If you manage a small team of 5, or you are a VP of People at a large enterprise, you can use LEON to:

  • Track and understand your team's well-being and performance: From Health, Resilience, and Organizational Culture, LEON gives you a real-time understanding of which teams and which metrics are affecting performance. Powered by the LEON Performance Index.

  • See which teams need support and which teams can be challenged: Automatically understand the exact teams that need help, and how best to support them. Powered by Growth Windows by LEON.

  • Real solutions to employees’ problems right when you need them: Actionable and completely automated strategies, streamlined directly to your organization. Powered by Playbooks.

  • A smart marketplace designed for efficiency and savings: A powerful and smart ecosystem of apps and integrations to improve team Health, Resilience, and Organizational Culture. COMING SOON.

  • Mission and Goal alignment: From OKR's to a powerful company Mission creation tool, LEON aligns well-being and company growth in one platform. Powered by Goal Development by LEON. COMING SOON.

All products are built on the LEON Platform, which lets you understand how best to support your team and organization today.

Who uses LEON?

  • Sales leaders who want to understand which teams are primed to perform, and who needs support, and how best to improve performance.

  • Product teams looking to scale faster, while reducing team burnout and performance drop-offs.

  • Marketing teams who want to maintain productivity, while best supporting their people.

  • People teams who need to save time, save money, and deeply understand the organizational sentiment on a team level.

  • Customer success teams that want to improve employee happiness.

What sets LEON apart?

Unlike employee engagement services of old, LEON brings everything you need to understand, support, and empower managers and employees in one simple, integrated platform that's easy for everyone in your business to use.

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