LEON is the first corporate wellness product to fully incorporate the wellness industry.

We did this by creating a seamless integration between companies of all sizes - and gyms, studios and personal trainers.

How it works: 

By leveraging integration, LEON developed a platform which instantly connects with gyms and studios via gym management software (list below) and companies wellness spend.

Through the LEON Digital Wallet, employees are able to take wellness dollars, provided by their employee, and easily sign up for memberships, classes, personal training sessions and fitness related events.

Who we integrate with:

ABC Financial
Club Ready
Mariana Tek
and many many more!

How does the gym make money?

Unlike most gym aggregators, we don't pre package your membership or class package. We wont even discount it unless you would prefer us to.

We simply take a 5% fee and off load any billing fees to you (which you already pay for). The billing lives with LEON every month and we simply bill you on a month to month basis for classes, packages and memberships purchased. One simple payer, guaranteed every month.

Ready to get started? 

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