Changing main profile images

We know you want to represent your brand the best way possible and LEON gives you full control of how our employee clients see your facility.

Using the LEON Connect dashboard, in a click of a button, providers can remove, change and add images in real time on the LEON platform.

Using this feature, providers are able to set one logo and up to five images to be viewed on their main profile screen. Providers will have the option to designate a "main" profile image to be show to the user as they first engage with your brand.

Set main profile image

To set your main profile image, simply hover over the image you would like to choose (this will be the image users see on Slack and in the Discover section of the LEON app) and click. You should see a green "success" notification pop up to for confirmation.

Changing individual class images

We understand that each class has its own feel and experience. The LEON class view module allows you the freedom to control how those classes are seen by the user.

To access class view,  click on the title of any class offered within the platform. 

From there this will direct you to the class module which will allow you to update specific class images in real time.

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